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Born in Hungary, Ilona Klar started her cooking experience at the age of nine from a natural country style cook, her mother. Later, after attending numerous culinary schools, she polished her skills while traveling around the world.

While seeking to perfect her art she became a fine international gourmet chef and CATERER. She managed and owned several high end restaurants, where her culinary taste and skills have been praised by the press such as, The Houston Business Journal and others.

Currently, Ilona, "The sizzling Hungarian International Party Chef”, owns her own catering company where she says, “ I used to work in restaurants but now it is more fun to cater parties." Because she is always mobile for her clients (even short notice), she has learned to make gourmet food simple and easy.

She will be coming out with her new gourmet cookbook."The Sizzling Hungarian International Party chef, in the near future.


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